Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Join the statewide winning team for the animals

Black bears, beavers, feral (a.k.a. community) cats, deer, Canada geese . . . Which national animal welfare group has led and carried out extensive efforts on behalf of all these New Jersey animals, and still others? 

None of them.

National groups work for the benefit of animals all over the world. Sometimes that includes NJ animals, but then only for limited numbers of them, for limited time. They do not (and by definition and name, can not) focus exclusively on the needs of animals here.

Just one organization has done that since 1983: the Animal Protection League of New Jersey – the only statewide organization that speaks for all animals, large and small, domestic and wild. And “APL” is still going strong – anticipating next year’s 35th anniversary of untiring, and effective, activism for animals.
APL’s earlier successes have included stopping the cruel diving “horses” (actually mules) act in
Atlantic City; helping pass NJ’s landmark dissection-choice legislation; stopping eight bear hunts (pre-Christie); and working with towns and caregivers around the state to implement Trap-Neuter-Return for community cats. 

More recently, APL members worked for termination of a contract to gas Canada geese, thus saving Edgewater’s geese from that fate.  Earlier campaigns have dealt with factory farming and animals in laboratories and fur farms, while a major push is underway now to convince counties and municipalities to ban wild animals in circuses.

The organization’s mode of operation is one reason for APL’s wide credibility and support --100% of its income comes from donations and fundraisers, by the way. This is not an “in your face” operation; it’s not big on protests, demonstrations or gruesome images. APL is all about public education, persistence and persuasion. Its website (www.aplnj.org) offers detailed looks at APL programs, campaigns – and successes.  

This has been a look at some of the animals and issues APLNJ works for in our state.  If you like what you’ve read, why not donate to New Jersey’s only statewide organization for animals? Join the move to change minds and laws to end institutionalized and legalized animal abuse. You can help hasten the day when all animals here are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

The website spells out a variety of options for donating. (www.aplnj.org/donate.php). You can do so online (with a one-time or membership donation, or with a monthly donation of an amount you choose) by mail (send your check or money order to APLNJ, PO Box 174, Englishtown, NJ 07726) or by phone (call us at 732-446-6808, x 101, and a rep will take your donation amount and credit card number).    

Regardless of what you give or how often, your donation will make a positive difference for the animals. Thank you!  


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