Sunday, February 11, 2018

Definitely ‘an idea whose time has come’!

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You’ve heard of ambulance-chasers (business-seeking lawyers in the wake emergency vehicles) -- but how about mobile vet-chasers (help-seeking parents of pets)?  Disclosure: I’m one of them, and proud of it.

Not long ago, a van advertising “mobile veterinary service” drove down my street and I followed it till it stopped outside a home, where I engaged the driver in Q & As, and got a business card. 

It was all very appealing.  And about time.

How often have you wished you didn’t have to pack up your pet(s) to go to a vet?  Or, maybe a pet was too ill to travel, or you dreaded the wait and/or other sick pets at the vet’s?  If only the vet-pet connection were a two-way street, with vets who could travel to pets, as well as the other way ’round.

Not so long ago, the notion of vets making house calls was just a dream.  Now it’s a reality – as this Catster story reminded me.  Huzzah!

“Comfortable for pet and owner,” is how vet house calls are described by one area vet who should know: Jennifer L. Collins, DVM.  Her business, “Home Pet Mobile Veterinary Services,” has operated out of Robbinsville, NJ, for about a year.  Before that, Collins worked at different practices for a couple decades and currently fills in for staff vets at West Trenton Animal Hospital. 

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Now, with her “clinic on wheels,” she’s a one-woman show – a boon to pet parents who may be older, disabled and/or don’t drive.  Big pets who are hard to get into vehicles and others who don’t travel well are also served by a mobile vet like Collins.

Offering “comprehensive veterinary care for your dog and cat in the comfort of your home” and “serving Mercer County and surrounding areas,”  Collins does exams, lab work, spays and neuters, dental care. . . .  Although her website’s under repair, she can be reached via phone (609-775-1230) and email (    

As for the mobile vet vehicle I followed? That was HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service (, at 856-234-5230.  

How about you, readers: Any mobile vet services you’d like to tell us about?  I hope you’ll  comment – it’s easy.  (And please revisit the terrific comment on this subject at the end of my January 1 post.)  

A few briefs  

 Billy says "a-h-h-h-h-h!"
It’s a mouthful to say (so apropos!), but it’s way important: February is “National Pet Dental Health Month,” and that means book a date for your pets to have their smiles checked out – so they can keep smiling.  Since we started out here with Catster info, let’s continue with two good articles about cats’ teeth. One’s a useful overview -- 

-- while the other deals with the importance of teeth cleaning.   

We’re not through with emotional-support animals on airplanes.  Soon after my post on the subject, Dexter the peacock -- you read it right -- was denied a ride.

In reaction, a suspicious columnist said basically “enough, already!”  

Did anyone else wonder what became of Dexter?  Did his human board the flight anyway?  Who took Dexter home, and how?  

And finally, next Friday, Feb. 16, marks the Chinese, or Lunar, New Year.  Best wishes for the year of the dog!


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  1. I have never used a mobile vet, but I have used a home vet that does cats only. She is wonderful! It was so much less stressful for the cats to get their routine shots and check up at home.

  2. sounds wonderful and w/ a cats-only vet at that! are you willing to share this vet's contact info? her territory? and I'm wondering whether this mobile vet pools her files on your cat(s) with your "office vet," if you have one so that somewhere there's a complete file. --Pat